What is The Decider?
The Decider Decides.

The Decider does not recommend or suggest things that you may like. The Decider does not consider your tastes, your moods, reviews from your friends, or even your desires.
The Decider Decides.

Can you give me an example?
You are hungry, de-caffeinated, and/or you lack beer. You can't decide where to go.
The Decider Decides.

How does The Decider know the best Decision for me?
The Decider uses advanced, proprietary Decider Decision Logic to Decide based on your location and other factors.

How do I use The Decider?
Tell The Decider where you are.
Get a Decision.
Act accordingly.

Why should I Obey The Decider?
You are indecisive.
The Decider Decides.
You have a Decision.
Act accordingly.

What if I don't Obey The Decider?
You remain indecisive.
The Decider has Decided.

What if I don't like the Decision?
See above.

What happens when I Obey The Decider.
The Decider Decides—all else is up to you.

How do I identify others who were formerly indecisive?
When you act on a Decision, you may encounter others who were formerly indecisive. Perhaps they seem particularly focused and energetic. Perhaps they are particularly at ease with themselves and exude quiet confidence. Perhaps they are wearing hats. The Decider neither encourages nor discourages the formerly indecisive from interacting with one another. The Decider Decides—all else is up to you.

How can I complain at/thank The Decider for giving me a lousy/great decision?
Decisions are neither great nor lousy.
Decisions simply are.
The Decider Decides—all else is up to you.

Can The Decider help me with problem X?
Most likely.

When will The Decider come to my neighborhood?
At the appropriate time, The Decider may decide to provide Decisions in your neighborhood. You may submit neighborhood requests to feedback@TheDecider.com.

Where can I get ObeyTheDecider gear?
See the Storefront.

Can I use The Decider on my smart phone?
Stay tuned...

How can my establishment sponsor Decisions?
Contact sales@TheDecider.com

Who are The Decider?
Chief Visionary and Fearless-Leader-fu: Tom Music
Super Code-fu: "Zach Hale" . "&" . "Neeraj Muraka";
Evangelism-fu: Josh Maher
Development-fu: Himanshu Vasishth
Marketing-fu: Andrew Clapp
Foo-fu: Sofi Takei
Words-fu: Chad Kirby
Special-Guest Design-fu: Diego Baca (logo), Russ McIntosh (site design)